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Undoubtedly, hefty prices of new engines turned you to lookout for the economical alternatives for the new Honda engines. You are welcome here with Honda Engines Network offering the most suitable alternative for honda auto owners to replace auto engines. When Honda auto owners need to change auto engine because of any reason like engine failure, damages etc., it is frantic situation. There is no other solution than engine replacement to restore the vehicle. This situation brought the concept of used engine into the picture. used Honda engine is referred to disassembling engine to clean, service and replace all non-working or damaged parts to make engine fit to qualify all Honda specifications. Though, labor and cost of replacement parts is associated with Honda engine, it provides the less expensive and long lasting alternative for the engine buyers.

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2003 Honda S2000 Gas Engine

Fits : (2.0L, 4 cyl, VIN 1 6th digit)

Size : 2.0L

Mileage : 94K miles

Submodel : Base

Location : Bakersfield, CA

Price: $3151